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SEO for a Phonecard service provider Back
Project Name: SEO for a Phonecard service provider Industry: Miscellaneous Technologies Used: SEO
Client Brief Flexsin had this opportunity to execute an organic search engine optimization project for Ms. Christian for her website, a famous company providing cheap offers of Prepaid Mobile and Phone cards. This project was executed with the best SEO practices leading to the successful completion of the campaign.
Project Challenges Targeted keywords are very competitive. Also, client wanted to have a quick result with the website appeared on the first page in major search engines. So we were required to update the Google and other search engines immediately about website presence.
The Endeavor The Strategy:
We started with the initial analysis of the website, the execution involved lot of on page changes in the site. Flexsin also performed the rigorous directory submission, social bookmarking, articles submissions, and classifieds posting to generate good leads.

The Results:
With all the team work and recommendation on the basic market research and Google her website was make search engine friendly. Client was very happy with our quality work and she also rewarded us to renew the project for more than 2 years for maintenance.
The site receives a significant number of visitors
Keyword Ranking Status
Before After
International Calling Card - 1
International Calling Cards - 1
Calling Cards - 2
Calling Card - 2
International Phone Cards - 2
Phone Cards International - 2
International Phone Card - 2
Daybreak Calling Card - 2
Cheap Phone Cards - 2
Ozcall - 2
Phone Card Cheap - 2
Cheap Calling Cards - 2
Cheap Calling Card - 2
Daybreak Phone Card - 3
Cheap International Phone Calls - 3
Phone Calling Cards - 3
Cheap Phone Calls - 4
Online Calling Cards - 4
Oz Call - 5
Phone Cards Australia - 5
Prepaid Calling Card - 5
Cheap International Calling - 6
Phone Card - 6
Phone Cards Online - 6
International Calls Cheap - 7
Prepaid Phone Card - 8
Prepaid Calling Cards - 8
Cheap International Call - 9
Cheap International Calls - 9
Phonecards - 10
Phonecard - 10
International Cheap Calls - 10
International Phone Calls - 10
Phone Cards - 10
Prepaid Phone Cards - 23
International Calling - 29