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We understand the need of designing website in sophisticated as well as attractive way, for which nothing but PHP would be the perfect solution. That's why we have made our specialization on PHP/MYSQL development. This is a highly cost effective and most rapid web development language that provides a wide range of web applications like, portal, secure, eCommerce, shopping cart, CRM and adds dynamic environment in a website. We have a hardcore experience of serving LAMP and PHP/MYSQL web application development to our global clients.
As PHP is an open-source software and available for different computing platforms like, Linux, Sun, Windows, IBM, MAC and Windows, it helps to establish hassles-free connectivity with majority of available databases, such as, MYSQL, ODBC, Oracle, Sybase, and many others.
Advantages of PHP/MYSQL Application development:
  • PHP/MYSQL is the most cost-effective than any other applications
  • This is one of the most lift weighted and sophisticated application development languages
  • As PHP is an open-source software, it is very cost effective and easy to upgrade
  • A wide range of platforms support PHP and MYSQL including, Microsoft Windows, IBM, Mac, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux, Embedded Linux, QNX, Novell and Net ware
  • PHP can be used to develop all kinds of web applications, which include highly secured web application, eCommerce solutions, enterprise web application, payment gateway, shopping cart, corporate website, CRM, ERP solution and web portal.
  • Maintaining and developing the PHP developed websites involve very low cost
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