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Web2.0 Application

The deep penetration of high-speed internet connections and advances in internet browser technology as well as the omnipresent internet access has led to the creation of a new category of applications called Web2.0 Application. In general, the term is associated with web applications that facilitate user-centered design, interoperability, sharing of information in an interactive manner as well as collaboration on internet.

A Web 2.0 site allows its users to collaborate or interact with each other through a social media platform unlike the websites where users are limited to passive viewing of content created for them. Web 2.0 applications include video-sharing sites, web applications, hosted services, blogs, social-networking websites and enterprise situational software. However, all the applications has several common features including the implementation of service oriented architecture and use of internet browser in the form of a platform.

Well, it would not be unfair to say that Web 2.0 application allow users to do much more than the retrieval of information. Undoubtedly, the Web 2.0 technology marks the reincarnation of World Wide Web. Not only does it enables healthy interaction between users, but also organizes and categorizes the content in a more effective manner.

There may be a number of companies that claim to provide the services of Web 2.0 applications. However when it comes to perfection, Flexsin Technologies is the name that promises to retain the trust reposed by you. We attempt to maximize your service convenience by understanding your specific requirements. A dedicated team of professionals working with us make every sincere effort to provide you with the most profitable solution. Our efforts do not subside with the implementation of Web 2.0 application; we move forward and scrutinize the work done to enable constant improvements in our performance. Therefore, we strive to achieve perfection leaving no room for any kind of flaws.
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